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About KMC-EEC, Inc.

KMC Empowering Educational Corporation is the parent company of ASIR.  ASIR has been doing business under KMC-EEC, Inc., since 2012.  Here is where we are able to reach students from an early age, by helping them to get where they need to be academically successfully.





Our mission is to help students turn the tables of learning failures into learning successes!  ASIR provides a safe, reliable, and consistent Online Tutoring atmosphere for early learners struggling to learn and keep up with tasks in the classroom. 


ASIR envisions providing a safe space online for students to get that extra support needed in reading, writing, and math.  ASIR strongly believes that every student is learnable at their own pace and in their own way with guidance and consistency.


ASIR has three goals:

1).  To help young learners understand that reading, writing, and mastering mathematical skills at an early age will strengthen their comprehension, mental interpretation, improve their writing skills, and help them to master mathematics.

2).  To help young learners to embrace the knowledge that writing marks coherent words on paper, which enables them to compose specific activities or text while formulating their thoughts, such as: sentences, paragraphs, and writing full page narratives. 

3).  To inspire students to learn to love and master math, and to teach them how mathematics embraces science and the study of quality, space and change.

Learn more about our founders and educational experts

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