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About Our Staff

Dr. Krisha M. Coppedge is the lead teacher for the  Tutoring Program. 

Dr. Krisha Coppedge is a Certified Elementary School Teacher from Pre-k to 4th grade.  She has been a teacher for eight years with the School District of Philadelphia. 

Prior to becoming a full time teacher within the SDP, Dr. Coppedge founded, owned, and operated her very own, before school, after school, weekend, and summer Youth Development Program, known as “And Still I Rise” (ASIR) Youth Development Program for eight years. 

Dr. Coppedge is a graduate of Arcadia University and Colorado Technical University.  She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, Two Masters Degrees, one in Business Administration, and the other in Early Childhood Education, and a Doctorate of Business Management.

Dr. Krisha Coppedge, encourages students to believe they are “Smart and Intelligent, and they are ACHIEVERS,” in spite of their circumstances.



Dr. James Coppedge is our Math Tutor.  He is a former Philadelphia School Teacher, and is retired from the City of Philadelphia. 


Dr. Coppedge aka Mr. Leo, holds a Bachelors Degree of Arts, a Masters Degree of Divinity, a Dr. of Divinity, and has completed all requirements for the J.D. Degree in the area of Finance Mortgage Law.  Mr. Leo is a Certified Teacher in English Education, and a private Real Estate Entrepreneur for many years.  Dr. Coppedge was a Consultant for the gifted and talented children in English Education for the State of North Carolina.  He was a former Pastor for 20 years and a religious consultant. 


Dr. Coppedge believes that children of all ages should be educated and morally prepared for the challenges, which they shall face in the years to come.  Reading, Writing, and Math are essential to their livelihood.

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